Hosting Families

Hosting Families

As a Host Congregation you will have four weeks of hosting each year.

Families begin their stay with you on a Sunday evening and will be with you during the evening hours each night until the following Sunday morning.

Families leave early each morning (between 5-6 a.m.) so volunteers are able to return home to get ready for work as well.

We also have a growing list of supplemental community volunteers that help as needed. Volunteers from your church will bring in home-cooked meals, and enjoy time with the families eating together. During the evening other volunteers will arrive to take over responsibility, including our overnight volunteers who bring their pillows and P.J’s for a good night's rest and serve as an emergency resource should one be needed.

Volunteers also serve in other capacity’s as well – shopping for groceries for breakfast and snack items for the week, setting up and tearing down the guest bedrooms at the beginning and end of the week, as well as volunteers who have a special talent they wish to share with the families during the week (example: kids/adult hair cuts).

Family Promise of Lake Houston provides comprehensive training for all of our Host Congregations and a support system for the Host Coordinators at each church.

If you are interested in becoming a Host Congregation, please call us at 281-441-3754 for a personal presentation and full description of the duties for Host Congregations.